Thinking of Surprising an Ex of 7 years?

Okay , so I've been sort of in contact with my ex of and on , every time very briefly, but the last time it ended with him letting his girlfriend write me a hateful and hate filled text message the last contact which was January 2012, and I always wondered why HE didn't write it to me instead of letting her text from his phone to "handle the situation". I Haven't hit him up since but I'm thinking of popping up at his job just to surprise him. I kinda know he would be so shocked but I also don't think that he would be mad bcoz, the last time I was textin him I told him next time I hit you up its gonna be to meet up with you and he jsut wrote back "lol, yea right " bcoz he knows I'm very shy and stuff, but I can't let go of this urge to surprise him. I have a boyfriend of 5 years with one small kid and he has a girlfriend of 5 years, so help me out ppl, is it too crazy, but GO for it, or too crazy, Do NOT do it!

Ok , my idea is to pop up at his job randomly and maybe have lunch w/him..idk.


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  • i think that's too crazy you shouldn't do it, it might give the wrong impression.


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  • Surprise him by saying you used to be a man before you guys met each other.


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  • Um, sounds OK, I guess? Sounds like you've been pursuing this guy for 7 years, even when he was in another relationship, so why not show up at his work?

    • LOL are you being sarcastic!?

    • Yeah, a little bit :) I'm sorry, I should've just said that it sounds like a terrible idea and I wouldn't do that personally. I really don't know your relationship with him, so if you think he'll think its cool, go for it.

    • lol OK thanx

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