Will he come back to me? And if so, should I take him back? I know this is too long, but it's tearing me apart

My ex (19) and I (almost 18) had an amazing relationship of almost 2 years. It was great in every aspect and we could never get enough of each other. I and everyone around us thought we didn't have any problems and that we were inseperable. We just complete each other in a very special way.

We were supposed to do the long-distance thing from October for a year, since he's going to university (after which I would move to the same city, since my dream university is there). However, he confessed to me that he was in love (and had been kissing) with another girl which he met from LoL and broke things off with me feeling very guilty and begging me to stay close.

For the first three days, being broken up didn't change a lot of things. We kept texting each other all the time, talking on the phone together until we fall asleep. We went out and we held hands and kissed as if nothing had changed. He told me multiple times that he still loved me, how he had made his biggest mistake and even implied that we could still be together while he's in university. I tried to ask him things like why he did what he did/what he wants from me/what he wants from her, etc. but he couldn't answer any of them and started crying and apologizing.

On the next day I finally gathered up the courage to break all ties with him, seeing as I couldn't be the second option/an all-forgiving doormat anymore. We haven't had any contact since 10 days ago. He is now in a relationship with the other girl, who by the way is going to another country in 2 months and they're not planning on staying together

I know he still loves me and he's sorry for what he did, etc. And I know the other girl won't be around for too long. And people say, "you never know what you have until it's gone"... so is it possible that he will come back? And if so, should I take him back? I think if those things happened, our relationship would be to fragile for the long-distance thing, but I just can't bring myself to forget him, knowing that he might come back, knowing that a year from now we'll be in the same university and will have a chance to start new.. PLEASE give me some advice.
Will he come back to me? And if so, should I take him back? I know this is too long, but it's tearing me apart
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