How often/Why does an ex come running back?

I am curious.. Simply because I have noticed that most relationships that have their FIRST break up, on always goes running and treating the other like trash, yet they end up coming back for a second chance. I wonder why this is.

Here is an example.

I dated a guy, he cheated on me. we broke up, months later (after telling me I'm a terrible person blah blah) he came crawling back.

dated another guy that I left because he was abusive. Months later, he came crawling back as well for a second chance.

Same goes the 2 others.

(this mind you is relationships in a 6 years span :P

So back to my original question.. Why does the one (male or female) that does a lot of emotional damage to the dumpee eventually come running back later? Whether it be a few weeks or a few months.

Sometimes the break up could be horrible and believed to be "un-salvageable" But I still see people coming back together.

I am aware that sometimes one side NEVER comes back, but rarely do I see that.
one always goes running and treating*


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  • You really want to know why guys do that? Because when you are with a guy or girl for awhile you start getting used to all the sweet things they do for you and all the things the don't appreciate anymore...then they dump you because they think there is someone who is better for them but in reality, you gave him more than any other girl would. Love is one major one. Then they come crawling back to you because they realize all the things you did for them that they can't get from something else, that you were more loving, caring, not as crazy as other girls or guys. They forgot what they had until they lost it. When they break up with you then they start remembering every nice and loving thing you did for them because they lost you. Some guys think they like this other girl and date her after a break up but then realize that she isn't good or as good as you. Then they apologize to you and wish you would take him back because now he knows what he lost. It happens all the time. It just depends on how much you did for him in love and how long you were with this person.

    • Mine left me in the dark for over 2 months now (ignoring completely) and I have moved on but in the back of my head I am hoping that he finds a girl that screws him over immensely and has a "realization" and comes looking. Hah.

    • Haha. We all hope that. If you were really good to him, he will be back because he missed out on you. Good luck:) I hope you get him back:)

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  • either he doesn't know how to let go of you or he doenst really respect you


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  • Guys seem to do that all the time. I've only had one person not stop talking to me and then come back a couple days to a couple weeks maybe its one of there instincts who knows

  • Because people always want they can't have.

    Sometimes when someone is gone, only then do they become more appealing to you.

    The feelings grow stronger, and you can't get this person off of you mind.

    (We take things for granted). When it's gone only then do we realize its importance.

    Other reasons are,

    Some people have real feelings for you and actually think they have changed and can make things better.

    I advise people to first see if this person has changed before they go running back into a relationship with them.

    • Well in all honesty, After my current break up.. I actually am hoping this one comes back but so far it has been completely useless haha.

  • it would be because they remember afterward how much they like you, or because they took you for granted

  • that's what I'm going through right now, my ex keep pleading to me that I take him back. I think some people can't easily let go idk

    • I am sorry to hear. I have been ignored by my ex the last 2 months straight and I am wondering if he will come out of the blue and want to talk to me... I think mine let go the first try, so I am testing my theory I guess.

  • maybe because they broke up for the worng reasons

    • Totally awesome and insightful answer... -.- -smh-

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