My boyfriend wanted to join the army for him ex gf?

So my boyfriend had his first girlfriend at 18 at the time he thought he loved her but I think and now he realized he didn't love her but it was his first girlfriend so he thought he did well anyways she left him after 7 in a half months. He deciede he would do anything to get her back. He was thinking about joining the army since he is a little over weoght he thought oh if I join the army get fit then I can win her back well he never joined the army. Well its been 2 years since they broke up well me and him started going out 14 months after they broke up and he says he loves me and I am his first love and now he knows what real love is. Well now he is thinking about joining the army again Because his biddy came back and they were over weight and an lost all this weight so now he wants to join to get into shape but I keep thinking about why he wanted to join in the first place to get fit for his ex girlfriend so I just think of that now am I being silly


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  • i think you are being super silly, you have asked stuff all the time about your ex, stop comparing relationships


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  • Girl,its been how long since he and his ex broke up?

    Don't stress about it. He's with you,that's all that should matter.

  • stop comparing, I always see your questions. get tha tif he's with you its because he likes you so don't stress.


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