Should I move on or do I need to back off for her too miss me and want me back

So long story but shortened up me and this girl started dating about 6 months after a long term relationship I had. In the first week sh*t happened with the ex and I broke it off with the new girlfriend. Me and the new girlfriend eventually got back together and she moved 2000 km away with me but we were on and off still until we had a child and once he was born she moved back with me and attended school while I watched our son. About 6-8 months ago an old co-worker messaged me and due to my girlfriend lack or trust she snapped and moved back with her mother 2000km away from me. I can tell she is just hurt and I think she is waiting for me to get my life together and move back here where we met and our family's are and prove to her she's all I want. The problem is she pushes me away even to the point of telling me " we are not together I can do what I want" right in front of her friends. But she also says she loves me and will always love me. Is she just pushing me away because she is hurt and should I back off and make her miss me and see I am the man she wants or am I way too late and she is gone forever? She doesn't seem to mind receiving gifts and we hangout 90% of the time I am down for a visit. Just looking for outside prospective and advice. I keeping wanting to make her happy and being nice maybe too nice so would backing off work or should I cut my losses and realize she is gone forever. Also she did have a fling for a few weeks with a family friend who was down visiting but has no plans to visit again and she seemed to point out that they did not have as much fun as we did with the things we used to do ie they went to a baseball game and said how boring it was and how she liked hockey games better and that's what we used to do also she saw a movie with him and said it was not as good as the movie she saw with her mom>? I pick up on little stupid things like that and they keep me striving for her love. Any advice would be great thanks.


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  • I think that she is very confused and does love you,ut also doesn't want to commit. If I was in your position I would just give her space. Plain and simple,space not to see if that will bait her back,but just space so she can figure out what she truly wants. I think the space would be good for you too. Weigh out the scenarios of being with her again and not being with her. No point in getting back together if she's so on and oft with her feelings towards you.

    • Thanks for the quick and awesome advice. I really appreciate it :)

    • No problem:) good luck and.just remember that you and only you are the master of your own happiness.

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  • move on don't look back just walk away

  • i don't think she will get interest just move on.

  • She will miss you when she feels like you have moved on, but do you really want her then?


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