Guys, please help, what do I do here? I don't want to mess things up with this great guy

This guy friend I know we have liked each other for a long time, other people noticed it and there was a lot of chemistry. He was very sweet, helpful, always touching me and around me and smiling and very happy around me, we loved being around each other, but both quite shy. I dropped a lot of hints about us spending time together but it never went anywhere. over time, I began to doubt how genuinely into me he was. so I got scared, and backed off. I know we should have addressed it just to be sure - we were were good friends but it was just so difficult to talk to him about it. and I was convinced id get rejected.

so I then started dating someone.

we don't work together anymore so we don't see as much of each other, but things are just so distant now, and he's so cold with me. and truth is I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

i don't know whether to leave him off, or go talk to him. we used to be so close, but now its horrible. but I still really really wanna be with him.

im 99% sure he was interested - but his lack of action had me really scared because I had fallen so hard.

im not sure how he will feel about me dating someone else..

does anybody have any advice?

confused/ bewildered/ regretful



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  • i think you should talk to him and try to make your intentions clear


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  • First contact the lad. Since that's exactly what I wouldn't do, it's what you need to do.

    Second, just ask, make it clear what you want and wanted. You have nothing to lose at this point.


    If you don't want to face the reality that he may outright reject you right then and there simply do not go after him. Never do. And turn your back on this forever.

    • do you think there's a chance, if I talk to him, he might still be interested? or would he be put off by my getting involved with someone else?

    • Most humans are put off by being replaced de facto by another person. So that's unavoidable. As for whether there is a chance that depends on him, and honestly I am not him, so it's not something anyone who doesn't know him intimately could even begin to guess.

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  • just flirt with him next time you see him and touch him and smile

    • Oh I did a lot of that don't you worry. I was all over him like a rash and I repeatedly suggested we go out. Bit he did nothing. So I backed off.

    • well he might just have gotten a little intimidated.

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