To all guys " why do you guys tend to cheat on us girls"?

why do you guys always cheat on us girls who please you make you happy cook for you even when your not married or have kids lol why is my question is one girl not good enough for you


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  • I haven't read the others, but I can already imagine how much you are getting "It's our evolutionary pressure to spread our genes" and stuff like that.

    That, of course, assumes sex is all about reproduction, but humans went beyond that a long time ago. In our closest ancestors, the chimps and bonobos, sex is how close bonds are established. In chimp societies, the premise is mostly violent: To sexually starve the "lesser males" until they go insane and either beat up and dethrone the "alpha", or rape a female and thus have the alpha kill him. That's why I hate "alpha males".

    For Bonobos, violence isn't used to get sex, but sex is used to avoid violence. It keeps them closely bonded to each other. Bonobos are one of the least violent creatures we're related to, and also one of our closest relatives.

    And it's important to note that in almost every highly-intelligent, highly-social creature, sex is recreational and used to establish complex social bonds. They evolved past sex as a mere means of reproduction, and made it primarily recreational with the side-effect of producing offspring.

    Okay, that aside...

    Here's a bit of something to start with: link

    Men's locus of identity is almost completely external. That is, a lot of what reassures a man that he's "good enough" comes from things like attention from women. We're usually not told we're good-looking or attractive, and are complimented quite a bit less than women are, so we have little idea of where we actually stand.

    So for some guys, they might cheat because deep down, one girl liking them doesn't make them feel desirable enough. It's kinda like asking your mom how you look. All the compliments in the world, and they would always be taken with a grain of salt unless you get an opinion from others.

    Another that could be likely is this: You are is most important emotional connection, but your libido is much lower than his, so he looks elsewhere to keep himself sexual satisfied without demanding you have sex more than you feel comfortable.

    The vast majority of cheating comes from mismatched or uncommunicated libidos.


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  • I've never cheated nor have I had the desire to cheat. I don't think it's practical or stable. Why would I do something that I wouldn't want done to me? Why would I do something that could bring drama and chaos to myself and those around me? Eh it's too troublesome.

  • Easy come, easy go.

    If you easily connect with a guy because he's got smooth game and a lot of confidence with the ladies, you're going to lose him for those very reasons. He can get what he wants. If you didn't do sh*t and thought "wow, I'm just a really special girl who can get guys LIKE THAT (at the snap of a finger)" you're wrong. You're part of the game he's playing and he just scored on you.

    The bridge crosses the water from both sides.

  • Its not a one way street.

    Ive personally seen just as many girls cheat on guys as guys cheat on girls. And that's only in my relatively small social group (all things considered)

    I just think that a bigger deal is made when guys cheat. Girls gossip about it and spread it about in order to get back at the guy whereas if a girl cheats, guys just drop it, turn the other way and walk

  • probably the same reason why girls cheat on guys...

  • For the guys that cheat (and that definitely isn't every guy), it's usually one or more of the following:

    - They are simply selfish & self-centered.

    - They have no morals in general.

    - Their relationship is unhealthy, with serious communication problems.

    - There is a significant mismatch with sexual libido in the relationship.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone; I don't believe in cheating and I don't tolerate it in my relationships.

    OpenClose has some good insight into the motivations guys have, but usually the real issue is one or more of the above.

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  • can't stereotype and entire gender and label them all cheaters. Not all men cheat and plenty of girls do cheat. It depends on the person, not their gender. You've just been with the wrong guys.

  • Just remember that a few or many breakups over cheating boyfriend(s) doesn't define the whole male generalization. It's unfair because the guys who are loving and never will hurt a girl physically nor emotionally are also put in that catagory just because a girl got heartbroken by some weak guy. I know that there are many reasons why a guy, or a girl would cheat. It might be because of his past, what he learned from his parents who possibly also cheat on one another. Or it might be because he possibly can't be in a stable relationship. It might also be for many other reasons, but know that by allowing that experience to affect you, you are allowing a weak minded men to weaken you. Just let the experience be a lesson instead of pain. Learn from that relationship that before you trust a guy, you have to go through different steps in the relationship, and learn from it so you'll know who is worh keeping and who isn't. But don't let the anger towards one or two heartbreakers make you hate every guys on this planet, because there are nice guys around who would never cheat nor do anything to hurt their girlfriend.

  • it's not ''all guys'',just because you follow a pattern in dating a**holes doesn't mean there aren't different guys out there.

  • bottom line is there are two main categories of men..and a lot in the middle but my point is a person either has INTEGRITY or they DON'T. if you are with a man who lacks integrity (aka, courage, moral conscience, trustworthiness etc etc) then basically no matter how "good" you are to him if something tempting comes his way, or maybe he has self esteem issues, or whatever the reason he will most likely cheat on you because he lacks INTEGRITY. integrity is all about doing the right thing even when no one is watching. so unfortunately its about selecting a partner very carefully who seems like a good person. this obviously isn't always obvious so women sometimes get blindsided. to stop a man cheating you fundamentally need one with good morals in the first place. you can't stop a dishonest, lying, man from cheating...maybe you can delay it but it will eventually happen as well as a lot of anxiety and stress on your behalf.

  • girls cheat too. . a lot :)

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