why is my ex begin so rude?

So Yesterday around 7:02 p.m my ex and I hang out, because I wanted to get some things off my chest and tell him out I felt about what he was doing and I didn't like it. He broke it uff with me 2 different times, and still wants to touch and flirt with me, Uh Da The Your Not.! But when I did talk to him and told what he was doing and what I didn't like, he start switching up on me and look at me crazy and said do you want me to stop. And I said yea just because you said it's best for us that you wanted me to move on, and to see other people. And I told him I'm trying to respect that! and he said OK sure what ever I'll stop and just start flipping out and just begin nasty to me. Yes we are good friends but I un friend ed him, just not that long ago on fb. Just because I didn't like how he was acting and begin an complete ass to me. I never did anything to hurt him, or what-ever. We been broken up about about 2 months and one year. And he never shown me this side of him before. So what was he acting like a jerk?

And also

we talk a bit yesterday and I made up this lie about me seeing some other guy just to see what he would say or think, but he also told me he's been seeing some girl and how he was into her and how she's moving and how they went out and all. But just last Thursday I asked him was he seeing or talking to someone and he SAID: No I'm the only girl and his feelings for me was about the same. He didn't tell me about anyone he said he wouldn't have the best of luck trying to get a girl. But I notice in the relationship and after the brake up he kept saying about seeing other people. So do you think that he could have cheated on me or was talking to someone when we dated or what ever or is he just trying to make me jealous. Thanks!


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  • because both of you are playing games, so you can't really be mad about it. you are being the same.

    • Yea. But I wanted to see if he was telling the truth, beacuse that one reason why we broke up b.c I thought he may have been cheating or talking to someone else on the side. and plus he kept saying about seeing other people. So that why I was asking!

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  • Your ex is rude, because he's your ex. Exes are known for doing that.

    • That right he's an ass. But we not talking on that level any-more.

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  • well both of you are being immature and shady. no matter what your reasons are.

    • But See I was just playing around. But he never told me this before

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