Girls, when you break up with a guy would you rather him moving on cold, or pining over you for awhile first?

Between one extreme to another, when you break up with a guy would you rather a guy just completely move on without showing any signs like it affected him or would you like to see him suffer for awhile before he did?

i've been friends with guys who have done both. I knew guy who was dumped and moved on very quickly. and then another guy who was friggin depressed as hell for a couple months before he could move on


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  • They want you pining over them and these girls here saying otherwise are lying to themselves which there is no worse dishonesty...

    Any girl, any person for that matter, who has experienced a deep relationship only to have it end with the other immediately involving themselves with someone else will agree. It sucks. It makes you feel like the time you spent together meant nothing. It makes you feel used an discarded like a worthless piece of trash.

    • you are so right. no one want to know the person you were with moved on so quick, and they didn't care about you. I think that most people say moving on are lying. That would included guys as well.

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    • EVERYONE? are all females the same? what are you a spokesperson to all the females? why you know me better than myself? the nerve of you to call other people dishonest when you don't have any freakin idea what they are going through

    • my apologies, I got carried away.. that's your opinion I should have respected it.

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  • uhm I wouldn't really want him to suffer, per se, but I would want him to take some time between one relationship and another, just as a sign of the most basic level of respect.

    i would never want anyone to suffer because of me... but I do appreciate a person who does respect me through actions as well.

  • Pining over me. I'd like to see him suffer. Yes, I am aware that it's extremely immature but I am just answering honestly.

    • do you think most people are like that? they would like to see them suffer?

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    • but do you suspect people are fooling themselves thinking they want their exes to just move on cold?

    • Oh yes, of course I certainly do.


      ^Semi-related. Look at the comments on the b/a.

      "Question Asker

      3 days ago

      Mine left me in the dark for over 2 months now (ignoring completely) and I have moved on but in the back of my head I am hoping that he finds a girl that screws him over immensely and has a "realization" and comes looking. Hah."

      See my point?

  • However he deals with it best should be how he deals. I don't particularly want to watch him suffer though (unless he is the reason we broke up).

  • Moving on cold, either way it's upsetting but it's better for him to just go.

  • i would prefer him moving on cold since I broke up with him.

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