How to get my ex leo back?

My relationship is of 2years.

we are 21.

I am a virgo.

It so happened that my boyfriend had been saying that he is single for the past 2 years even if he was commited to me.On asking why he did that he said that he is ashamed to declare it as I had a boyfriend before him . and he says the world knows me to be the girlfriend of that guy already. we had a fight over it. That particular day, I was attacked by some robbers trying to snatch away my gold chain. I related the matter to my boyfriend and he conversed in away that he more wanted to know the news. he didn't even ask once how I was!

Instead he said that if people go with ill intensions to temple then bad happens to them. I got really angry at this statement and I called him a demon. and he broke off instanly calling me a bitch.

note: we always have fights. we always break up but we get back together again no matter how big the fight is.

But the max gap we had untill now is of 5 days.

But this time its already one week and he hasn't returned yet. he has blocked me in Facebook, he has been rejecting my calls since then and not been replying to a single text!

I have pleaded already, apologized, but he doesn't even speak to me once!

I am madly in love with this guy. we are classmates and I see him in college every day and he ignores me completely. we had a secret affair so I don't speak to him in college.

Please help me! what do I do to get him back?

I really love this person very much! :'(


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  • He sounds like a real dink who has NO respect for you. You may love him, but he does not love you, it's over. Even if you get back with him, it's still over. He won't even claim you as his Girlfriend because you had a Boyfriend before? Most people date more than one person before ending up with someone. So now HE has dated you and when he meets the next girl he will have been with more than one, so I hope she dumps his ass because she wasn't his first. Have some respect for yourself and get away from this toxic person.

    • I acknowledge your concern. But I really love this person a lot!

      I can't live without him! I cry myself to sleep every night! sometimes I feel lyk I am having a nervous break down

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    • Thank you so much for your support . I hope I can deal with it

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  • He is very good at self justification, but very bad at caring about other people. Until he overcomes this slight personality defect, he won't be a good person to be in any kind of long term relationship with.

    Were I you, I'd continue this break and look around to see if another guy is interested in you!

    • Yes, May be you are right. But I think I really love this person. Isn't there any way of getting him back?

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    • well, he suddenly wants to be back in my life and is giving hints about it always and has openly said once too...i wonder what shd I do

    • I tend to think you should follow your first inclination and stay broken up!

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  • I think he'll come back to you in about 2 weeks.. give him a little space

  • I sorry but I do not understand what his sign hs to do with him dumping you and calling you a bitch. Dude blocked you on Facebook, if that is a sign that he does not want you looking at his info I do not know what else to tell you. I am sorry he called you a bitch but you still want him to try to get with him after he blocked you on Facebook? If you apologized and he accepted your apology then leave him alone after that, there is not much you can do after that. You can not make the guy come to you. The more you push the further he will go away. Do not set yourself up for disappointment

    • *im sorry


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    • he suddenly wants to be back !

    • ok good, tell him what he has been missing

  • i don't think you should get back together until he is better for you. he needs to be nicer.

    • yes he needs to. but you won't leave your family if they scold you right?

      i loved him like a family member. may b he doesn't love me anymore the way he used to

  • i think you are better of from him


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