Confused about complicated online friendship/relationship.

One and a half years ago I "met" this guy on Facebook through my college suitemate. He was her good friend from high school, so I think it's a bit different from normal online relationships. We talked almost every day last summer through Facebook/skype/phone and honestly it felt like he was my boyfriend. We've made plans to meet but it hasn't worked out yet due to financial reasons. Some of my college friends have friended him on fb and vice versa.

My issue is that although he gets me better than most of my guy friends in real life, we are ultimately very different people (I'm studious/driven and he's a bit too relaxed and parties all the time). I also helped him through a very emotional breakup with his ex. We both find each other attractive and flirt quite a bit. I've liked him for a while but didn't think he saw me romantically until he told me that if we lived a bit closer he'd ask me out in a heartbeat. I'm just really confused because I do like him but at the same time it is kind of like that bad boy attraction. We talk about other guys/girls we're interested in and it's obvious that he has a lot more experienced than I do.

Recently we've been talking less and I find myself in a sad mood because of that. Do you guys think we're just bored and are using each other for the emotional support? Is it worth it to keep thinking about the potential for a relationship? Thanks!


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  • Online or not there is some emotional bond obviously formed and I am going through that now. It is very very hard to know what will come of it, or why it happened. I would guess you filled some need he had and he did the same for you, that is what friends and couples do, it's not like being ''alone'' when you share a lot with someone and talk often.

    I would say hit the breaks. Take two days off, three. Get your faith back that you DONT need him and then watch and see how he is the one looking for you LOL

    • Good answer. Haha it's too bad that I haven't spoken to him in like a week already. He seemed annoyed the last time I talked to him. So frustrating that my mood depends so much on him.

    • See but as girls we are wrong to put all our attention on ONE guy before he is ours - this is why we end up investing too much too soon. Start just meeting new guys even as friends to take your mind off him for now :)

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  • It seems that he's bored and doesn't like you anymore. You should just find another guy now. The lack of physical presence is hurting your "Relationship".


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  • Well I think you are more like an emotional supoort to each other rather than a couple


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