Been dating a girl for 2 weeks, and things are starting to pick up with my ex

My ex and I broke up sometime in early April after about a year and a half together. The relationship was great and it ended because she was overall unhappy with life at the time.

I spent the following months convincing myself that she would come back to me and that we could be happy again. So I never really officially got over her. There's always been a little bit of what we had that I've held on to.

While waiting for her, another girl just sorta fell into my lap, and we hit it off from the beginning. We went on a couple dates, and starting later this week, we will have been together for two weeks. I like this girl a lot, but when I try to compare her to my ex, she doesn't seem to come close yet.

My problem is my ex and I have always talked throughout the breakup. We work together too so I see her often. Well as of the last few days, we have been getting together daily, and I'm not claiming to be able to read a girl's mind, but it's very clear that she misses us. I don't know if it's because I'm with someone else that made her do that, but it's easy to see she still likes me. She even admitted to the fact that she wanted to talk to me weeks ago about us, but never did.

My problem is I really don't know what to do here. Yes I'm not afraid to say that I still have extreme feelings for my ex. More than my current girlfriend. I haven't really established a whole lot with the current one, but I can tell it has the makings of something great. I don't know who to choose! Seeing my ex like I have lately is sparking up so many emotions and so many things I had wanted for months!


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  • If her life was unhappy with you before it'll only be a way again.

    2 weeks of just dating a girl is t going to co pare to sharing a year and a half with a girl you were I. Love with. It's going to take time.

    My advice. Ask your ex to respect your space while your dating a new girl.


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  • Go back to your ex and work things out, OK, you had something with someone for 2 weeks. It hurts your ex of course. But how do you compare a year and a half with 2 weeks? y'all are meant to be. Let go of your current girlfriend gradually. You obviously still care about your ex and she cares about you too. Things happen and I guess you can say that was the worst part of halls relationship. But better days are yet to come!

  • She's an ex for a reason! From what you said the two of you have been on and off several times, it's time to let go. You found someone else, of course she's not like you're ex. Every single person is different and you've only know her for two weeks. See where it goes with this new chick, and let go of the past.


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  • Unless you're a fool, you'll stay away from exes. FOREVER

    • I disagree. I've always been friends with past and present girlfriends. Breaking up with them doesn't mean we aren't friends anymore. And even if I wanted to, it's not really possible. We work together

    • You're not asking this question because you might want to be friends with an ex. From what you've still have boyfriend/girlfriend feelings for the ex. I don't mean you can't be friendly or civil to an ex...but NEVER get back in a relationship.

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