How do I tell what my girlfriend is feeling?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a little over a year and things started out great. She made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered and as long as she had me she was happy. After a few months I admit that I started to take her for granted and as a result she broke up with me cause she had enough. We were apart for about 2 months and we got back together. When we got back together everything seemed to be good for the longest time up til about a month ago and all of a sudden she would rather spend her free time out with friends then spending any of it with me. And I don't mind that she wants her friend time but it would be nice for her to want to spend a little time with me too. But she uses the excuse that we live together as a reason not to want to spend time with me on her days off. She has anger issues and is very stubborn so when I tried to confront her about it she got mad and I got mad that she would rather argue about it then try to fix it so I told her to go stay at her uncle's for a while which is where she was living before we moved in together. She hasn't wanted to come home , she hasn't seemed to want to be around me, she texts back short, and this would lead me to think she don't care right? But then if I don't talk to her for a few days she texts me first. And she recently found out that I was talking to some of my old friends that are girls and when she did she flipped out on me almost in what seemed to be a jealous rage. She told me to stop talking to them and I told her that when she starts showing she cares then I will stop talking to them and she got mad and said "have fun talking to them hoes and see how far you get" . I don't know what she. Is feeling and what do I have to do to get her to open her eyes and show what she is feeling.


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  • First of all, you're a great guy for showing her love. Secondly, is she confused? Why would she be jealous yet treat you like dirt. Jokes aside, you did what you can. You confronted her which is what I wish mine would do to get a point across. You said you've dated for a while and got back together, so obviously you have a history and know things about her more than anyone else. Compromising is key. You, stop taking to hoes because yes it may feel like karma or revenge, but never mess with another girl while you're with someone, your main girl will be jealous. So who cares if it is a friend. Let her know, you're girlfriend, that she is your priority. If you don't like that she's with certain people, tell her. You can't always keep quiet, because both of y'all will be confused and may ruin things that could have been saved. Best of luck


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  • Is there something you possibly did for her to pull away like she did? It doesn't add up that things would be great once you got back together then she all of a sudden backs off..? I'm not doubting you I'm just confused.

    • All I did was ask her to stop making me feel like her friends were more important than me. This all started when we started going back to our home town twice a week to play softball. It's like when we were home everything was fine and it was good on the drive there too, but as soon as we got there she got a one track mindset and all she was worried about was her friends. And the thing I'm most concerned about is that she used to have a bad drinking problem and when we got together she stopped.

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    • If I try to back off after a few days she ends up texting and if I don't text back she starts blowing up my phone. And I'm just concerned that if I back off too much that she will get back into her old bad habits.

    • I think you need to be very firm with her, then. Not angry...but respectful and firm. The next time she texts you, tell her you're concerned and feel as though she's sending mixed messages. You want her to come home and work things out, but if she isn't willing to do that, you have to ask her to stop texting you. She's hurt and frustrated as well, but that's no reason to be hot and cold with you.

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  • You can always pick up bits of information from body language. Also, don't get mad if she gets mad. One should always keep a calm voice when someone's raising his/hers.


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