How do I get an ex boyfriend back?

My ex and I are on break and says he still loves me and we keep in contact he is moving back in December and that is when he will talk to to me so how do I getvhim back I don't have a Facebook and I work a lot so what do I do


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  • That kinda depends on the reason you broke up, show him things could work out now and that you still love him. Until then, give him attention, flirt a little, compliment him, just be you.

    • Seems like it is working do think I can send you private message to talk about it some more

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    • If you should contact him you mean? Do you want to? If so, just text him or something :-)

    • i do want to contact him and he always tell me I am welcome and don't be a stranger, I guess I get scared. we have broken up before and he is acting like the same way but still sexual and loving towards me

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