My Ex is blackmailing me

I had break up with my Ex 2 months ago. I did beg him a lot.. But he Did not accept me at the moment.. Before 2 or 3 weeks ago I made up my mind. After that he is chasing me a lot to start the affair again. But now I do not want that.

I have already made up my mind. This is not the first time he break up our affair. I think this is the 5th time. Now I can’ t stay with him anymore. I had enough of this.

I explained him carefully. But he did not understand. These days he is trying to blackmail me by using my pictures. He tells that he will edit my pictures and put on internet if I do not come to him again.

Pls advise me. I am totally confused. I want to ignore him. Kindly advise.


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  • take a lawyer and let him do the talk that what will hapeen if those pic are in innternet


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  • That's a bad sign. You need to have the cops on your side.

    • They probably don't have police who would respond to that kind of thing in Sri Lanka

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