Now I want to make a move!

Okay, there is this guy I like and I want to get to know him. The thing is I do not know where to begin. My friends tell me to research about him. Ever time they tell me that I feel so weird about the idea, it feels so stalker-ish. Did I mention that he is in band which is even worse I got a lot of girls to compete with. From my last post you would know that I have put my career first and relationships fell in the back seat. What I did not tell you is that I had been eyeing on this guy for quite sometime and by quite sometime I mean high school. I felt like I missed out. I always have this idea that I wanted to be my best self first before I'd be with anyone or him for that matter and now I feel like I am in my best self and now I want more than anything for him to see me in a different light. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks! And much love! =) ?


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  • If you knew him from high school, your best bet is to contact him on Facebook or something like that.

    Going to a show might get his attention, but he's a young guy, in a band, with a bunch of other girls trying to get his attention. My advice would be to try to talk to him away from that environment.

    A simple, "Hi, how have you been?" type of thing would work better than coming up with an elaborate scheme like from a movie. Sometimes the simplest conversations openings lead to more complex endings.

    Most people who are have been in happy relationships for decades will tell you that they met their significant other with the pickup line of, "Hi, my name is. . ."

    Just be yourself. You've obviously worked hard to be the best you that you can and get your life in order, so be confident in yourself and just reach out to him.


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  • You know him at all? IF he's in a band, you can go to one of his shows and attempt to talk to him.


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  • Just ask him to hang out. F***it! Why not? If he says yes then you get a chance to get to know him. If he says he's busy and keep making excuses then move on. I liked my boss so I asked my xbf for advice and he told me to ask him to hang. I did and he never replied so I moved on. Try it. Good luck :)


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