Is he rebounding hard?

After me and my ex broke up, he avoided me like the plague. Blocked me on Facebook and ignored all phone calls and texts. about 2 and a half weeks later, he unblocks me and I called him on it, only to be re-blocked. About 1-2 weeks after that he meets this girl and adds her to Facebook (she was already dating someone) and not even 5 weeks later, she broke up with her boyfriend and is now dating my ex? Before they became "Facebook official" my ex was tagging her in pictures and movie trips. Is this an obvious rebound on both sides possibly? The awkward part is that my ex hangs out with BOTH of her ex's. She hopped from one to another and now to ANOTHER. Is this relationship really even going to last?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I say you should quit worrying about your ex so much. He moved on. It's your turn.

    • Be nice. Some people struggle from break ups. Why not answer the question instead of being a douche bag to them? Often, when an ex rebounds it is because they MISS their ex. So them asking for opinions about it is not bad.

    • I'm giving my honest input RawrlmJo, I'm NOT being a douche bag. Is he rebounding hard? No. He moved on. He blocked her from Facebook. How would she know if he unblocked her unless she checks his Facebook every day? There are millions of other guys who will treat her much better, why focus on this one guy who either moved on, or is playing immature games? She can be the better person and stop giving him attention.

    • And this is why men will never understand a woman. Go back to your hole.

What Girls Said 1

  • That sounds like a serious rebound to me. If anything, sounds like they are rebounding each other. I doubt it will last especially if she is all buddy with all three boys and they are all ex's. That would get awkward or hurt feelings after a while.


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