She offered me a break and now angry, why?

I spoke to this girl last week about a “break”. She the one who suggested it, she said “You can take a break from me if you want and I won’t bother you.”

So I did... then girl messaged me yesterday asking what I'm doing. I told her I'm talking to “people”... well a girl’s name was thrown in there.

She went ape shyte and said, “I thought I was the only one, apparently I was wrong. I don’t want to bother you from talking to ‘people’... SO HAVE A NICE BREAK!”

At the end... I said to her, “So we’re going to stop talking to each other?”

She then said, “I don’t know about you but I will stop talking to you... now. Bye bye .”

By the way, we're just friends but I do have feelings for her and I think she does too. Why is she acting like this?


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  • Yes, ofcourse she has feelings for you! She wouldn't react like that if she couldn't be bothered. She offered you a break so you could decline it, I know it's a bit silly but that's what I think she wanted. She wanted you to say: "a break? why? I don't need a break, I love talking to you!" or something like that. She shouldn't have done that though.

    She's acting like this because she has feelings for you, but now she thinks that you're not into her because you accepted the break and talked to other girls (which shouldn't be a problem but it makes her think that you're flirting with the other girl(s) as well which makes her jealous).

    I suggest you call her or visit her (if that's not possible, text her) and explain to her why you accepted the break, let her know how you feel about her and ask her to talk things though.

    By the way, all this I'm saying is just my opinion.


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  • Basically this was test. Now, I she's being a bit immature here. She shouldn't have suggested a break, only to be upset when you decided to take it and then talk to other girls. You can't read her mind.

    She's upset because she wanted you to decline the break and tell her you like her. So you failed the test.

    I really do think these types of tests are ridiculous. She should have just said straight up that she likes you, and you like her so then you would both feel better. But now you have to go back to her (if you still want to) and talk to her. Let her know you like her and want her to be with you.

    She wouldn't have reacted the way she did if she didn't like you. My advice is if you are still interested in her after her little 'test' then you should talk to her.

  • She is immature. At times girls say they want a break to see if the guy would still chase them around or increase the amount of attention he gives her. It is a sort of passive aggression. Men on the other hand is a temporary break out where I can go out and meet new girls and determine if he wants to continue his current dating situation.

    You sorta fell for her trick and I feel sorry she is interested in you and is upset because she feels a bit hurt ( well men aren't mind readers) women should just act how they feel and say what they need to say.

    if you want something with her explain the situation to her give her your side & why you did what you did and then let her know where she went wrong & that she needs to start being open with you and not play mind games if she wants this to work. for you two already have a communication issue

    then take her out on a date and let her see you are into her still

    All the best bro


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  • because you decided to invent a term for something that is truly a ridiculous idea. a break? from a person? it doesn't exist

    its a women made concept that only guys are ever going to be happy with, the idea of ignoring someone for a convenient amount of time as if a woman would ever want that.

    dont speak to her she's being an immature little girl

  • Ouch!

    You didn't recognize the oldest trap in the book. You accepted a girls word literally!

    No no no no no! Bad move!

    What this girl is doing is trying to force you to show some dedication to her. She is desperate. She's not getting you to herself, and tried a gambit. And you you fool thought she meant what she said, instead of the opposite.

    On the other hand. She is deep into you. She wants/wanted to be your girl. And although she is pissed now, she can probably be turned again. If you're into her as well and want to do that.

    So put on some effort and do some really romantic sh*t! Be extragavant! Woo her! That is what she wants. She wants you!

  • A break? WTF? Why do people these days feel like they need to tell EVERYONE what they're thinking? I'm pretty sure the last time I've heard someone say we should stop talking was in the 3rd grade.

  • When a girl says a break, she means break up.

    Most girls think when a guy says a break, he means the same.


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