My ex said to never contact her again?!

We dated for 2 years and she left me for another guy. We had an argument and stopped talking for 2 months. I sent her an apology text where I said she didn’t have to respond so things don’t get complicated between her and her boyfriend and me and the girl I'm seeing (she didn’t know I was seeing someone).She accepted the apology but then 8 hours later she sends me a text saying its water under the bridge and she’s “really happy. I've been managing my anxiety because I'm really happy. but I can't fully except your apology.” My thoughts were, I get it your happy without me, you made your point (justification or make me jealous or maybe she thought I wanted to be just friends). The next day she texts me about my dog who died and said sorry. I asked her how she knew, she unblocked my Facebook and went through it for the first time in 2 months (not sure if she was trying to find the new girl). The next day she texts about why my friends keep defriending her on Facebook and about the break up saying she didn’t cheat on me. She said she wouldn’t cheat on someone she cared so much about. But then she says we will never see each other again (because that's what she wants). So again, I wonder why she cares about the break up if she never wants to see me. Also she says she doesn’t want to know about my personal life even though she went through my Facebook. Well she tells me she had feelings for the other guy during our last few months of the relationship and she and him have something amazing going. She then tries to justify herself saying our relationship was going sour long before that (a lie). I tell her I don’t need to hear that and then she says I will understand when I'm older. I tell her the pain she caused me from the BU and then she calls me immature and never wants to talk to me again because I'm not over her. We go back and forth and I tell her to leave me and the girl I'm seeing alone and then she goes even more off and threatens me with a restraining order if I say another word.

3 weeks later I text her saying unblocked you on Facebook and you can block me if you want (She has blocked me 4 times for a total of 4 months). I also say I didn’t want to talk to her that day about my dog because it was a sore topic. She responds and says never contact/harass me again. This was a day after all of the friends that defriended her came to my place for a party with my new girl. My ex went through the pictures on Facebook.


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  • hey man, still going back and forth on this huh?

    i know it's hard but you just gotta move on. if you are truly happy with your girl you should have no reason to even concern yourself with your ex. And for your sake, even if you aren't fully over her, you should just stop trying to contact the ex. Delete her number and move on. It's only causing drama and consternation. With this constant back and forth you don't allow yourself to move on, so even while you may be dating someone your mind is still clearly going back to the ex.

    You've got to allow yourself to move forward and the first step is just removing her from your life. It does you no good, doesn't allow you to move forward, and honestly isn't really fair to your girlfriend or any other relationships you try to develop


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  • Then don't contact her. She's moved on, you've moved on, let it go.


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  • Let it go. You're trying to rationalize her actions and it's just giving you hope.


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