Why did he say this?

My ex recently got all emotional saying "I know you're trying to separate from me but don't know how to express it and it makes me mad. so I'll make it easier for you : don't f***ing talk to me anymore"

Like what? Lol. I straight up said to him I need to move on with my life and have other priorities. I also straight up told him that I just want to be friends. We still talked a lot after we broke up, even flirted, and feelings were obviously still there. It was just hard to move on completely, you know? I feel like he thought we were still dating or something? And when I would subtly bring up "friendship", he'd be annoyed. How else was I supposed to get across to him that I'm trying to move on?

Yeah, I know, my mistake for flirting back. It was hard to hold back sometimes though. He's being really immature about it and making fb statuses about it to -.-

We've gone through this phase SEVERAL times.

What to do?


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  • nothing other than he doesn't want to move on.

    when a guy wants to move on he will omit you from his life.

    you need to not be selfish and do him a favor and legitimately let him go...

    it sucks but if he's getting annoyed that you mention "friendship" clearly means he still wants you to be just HIS.

    sorry love, good luck though!

  • ok put yourself in his position for a second. you are calling him immature. imagine if you didn't want to separate from him, or not particularly and he initiated it and he kept saying oh but babe lets just be friends OK. do you really think you would be OK with him saying that. its rather insulting actually. I bet you would say to him you knwo what f''' you I gave you my heart and you don't even want it bla bla, I'm pretty sure you would be emotional about it. maybe you have never had your heart broken but I can tell you if this guy cared/ loved you, you would expect an emotional reaction to you breaking up with him..it would be normal.

    bottom line is you ask how you want to get the point to him that you are moving on. DONT BE HIS FRIEND. make it very clear you want nothing to do with him. when someone breaks up with you and says lets be friends it gives the other person mixed signals. so by the sounds of things you are being selfish because you won't give him this closure because you still want to be able to talk to him, see him etc etc when you want, you are making it easier for yourself and there is nothing wrong with that except it is selfish. and I don't understnad how you can complain that he is telling you to f*** off and not wanting to be friends. why would he want to be you friend. you broke his heart. seriously you need to look at things from the other perspective.

    • But that's the thing - we BOTH broke up mutually MONTHS ago. and we BOTH mutually agreed to be just friends. BOTH of us. So when he flirts or something and I laugh and say "we're friends remember!" it pisses him off and he rages? Which I understand, he doesn't want to be reminded of that. But how else do I stop him from not flirting like that? We wanted to still be friends because we've known each other foreverrrr.

    • i have never met a guy or heard of one that wants to be purely friends with a girl after a break up. from what I'm feeling is he agreed to the break up and is acting like its cool to be friends as a way to get you back. make you realize you miss him. it explains the jealousy etc he is having and difficulty with you ACTUALLY moving on. unfortunately sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and I think you need to cut off all contact. you need to be selfless and sacrifice your friendship for a bit

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