Ladies, how do you deal with the boyfriend and his ex?

How would you feel if your boyfriend keeps casual contact with his ex? His ex would message him late at night and posts on his Facebook. I was extremely sad and upset that his ex was messaging him. I told my boyfriend that our relationship doesn't require a third person lingering in the background. It's me or the ex. I'm very disappointed in my boyfriend. What to do?


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  • I'd break it off with him if he still insists on keeping in touch with her.

    From my experience, I knew from the start that my ex has always been in touch with his exes and the in end he broke up with me and got back with one of his exes! Ouch!

  • I mean if you trust him than I say don't worry about him, if you don't than break it off. Personally I want to trust my man and know that I don't have to worry about him. So I'd let her keep doing what she's doing as long as he's not dong something he's not suppose to.


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