How can I make my boyfriend trust me more?

we have been dating each other a few months, I never cheat on him, will never ever do this, loyalty is my character.

he had been cheated on twice by his ex, and before we dated each other he said he doesn't trust people and bad with relationship these day.

i'm not that kind of girl going out every night, in his eyes I'm a good girl I guess.

he isn't withdrawing, but just I can see he isn't putting too much feeling either. I mean, he comes to me but I'm the one come to him most of the times.

so...only time will tell...?


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  • Time will tell. Not that you owe him anything, but your actions will show your loyalty. IOW, if you're going somewhere - let him know...if you're going to be late - let him know, etc.

  • Your wrong. Time won't tell.

    He should get over his insecurities as a human being and trust you regardless. If his ex cheated on him, then he has to learn to let go of the past, and trust you, and not classify you the same. Clearly he hasn't done that. He needs to understand that not everyone is like his ex. He hasn't let go of his past hurt. Sure you can always show him that you'll be faithful, but that will never stop his nagging about cheating. He still needs to be alone. You cannot mend his heart, or insecurities, only he can, alone.


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