Had a dream of my ex girlfriend

I dream that I was kissing my ex girlfriend. I broke up with her 4 months ago. She has a new boyfriend now. Since I woke up I can't stop thinking about her. Does this mean I still love her?

I miss her some times too.
We were in a 3.5 years relationship.
to give more info on the dream: we were at her new appartment and her boyfriend was gone at the store. we were sitting on the couch talking and sudently we felt . he attration and we kiss. she wanted it. its funny because I had a rebound relationship that ended a week ago and the girl I thinking about his my ex.


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  • uhm I don't think its that you still love her but your mind is taking you back down memory lane and trying to create some sort of new experience within your dream... it could mean that you still value her, think of her and that she'll always have a place in your heart but I don't think it was love. probs jus reminiscence.

    i hope your new girlfriend is doing you good=]


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  • I don't really think you still love her or anything.

    Everyone thinks of their past boyfriends or girlfriends, they're usually good memories involved, or bad ones.

    Just like how when something good happens you can't stop thinking about that either, it doesn't necessarily mean you still love her.

    Think about it, have you seen her before this dream? Did she give you the same feelings?

    If so, then you're probably not over her.

    If the dream really is the only reason you're wondering [except for the missing her part] then I'd say it's not like that.

    • We stayed in good term she called me this week and I felt really good. I visit her parents time to time we are good friends. The feeling to go back to her house was like coming home from a vacation

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    • 3 weeks later doesn't necessarily mean he's a rebound.

      Some girls can get over their feelings really quick.

      However in this case I think he might be one yes.

      How about this, would you want her back? You know why you broke up.

      You know how a relationship with her is, is it worth taking a chance on?

    • if she was single again I would go back because her state of mind wasn't good when we broke up she was depressive and maybe a bit burn out from work. but just the way we talk on the phone it was like she was back to her self. I love her but I want her to be happy and I won't screw her new relationship like her other ex did to me so I try the be just a friend and try to move on, she said to me on the phone if we are ment to be togetter we will find are way back to each other

  • I think it just means your brain is processing some old feelings. It's hard to say which feelings without knowing the details of the dream. It doesn't necessarily mean you love her, if you don't love her in the real world (after all, you broke up with her). I dream about old partners frequently. For instance, I just got dumped about a month ago and have been dreaming not only about my ex boyfriend, but other guys who have rejected me. My brain is just trying to come to terms with the pain of rejection and a feeling of alienation from romance. So, think what about yourself dreaming of her might be trying to get you to come to terms with.

    • The reason I broke up with her was to set her free. She thought she had some old feeling for her ex and she wasn't able to chose between us. She started to get sick because of it so I let her go.

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    • Her ex was a player I waited until things got bad and I took his chances to romance her .

    • She should have been more grateful to you. You have feelings too! The whole relationship wasn't about her.

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  • Why did you break up with her?


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