Boyfriend and his ex

My boyfriend has been contacting his ex, calling and txting her more than he would call and text me. I'm really worried. I feel as if he's bored with me. I've asked him why he did/does it and he just says its not like that. There has been other times where I caught him flirting with other girls but I forgave him, I didn't trust him though. He promised me he wouldn't talk to any girl but he broke that promise. What should I do?


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  • How old is the guy? He seems very immature. He cannot not talk to other girls at all. He can talk superficially to other girls, but not flirt around, especially around you. If your gut feeling is telling you that he may be unfaithful, and that you already discussed that issue to him, how about break up with him?

    • he is and 19 and I am 18.

      its just that I feel as if I break up with him I will have no one.

    • Well you can either choose to keep a blind eye to the pain he's inflicting you just for the sake of having a boyfriend to tag along, or move on. From my experience, being in an unhappy relationship wasn't better than being single.

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