women i've dated get upset when they break-up with me and i immediately go out with someone else. why?

This doesn't happen often mind you, but it happens the same way each time.

I don't see a reason for this. Surely after all the fighting, miscommunications, and logic, you'd think they didn't want anything to do with me. (Which I've been told).

I've gone out that very night of the break-up and took pictures of myself having fun with a new lady, drinking and so forth and posted it on the internet. Either that, or somehow someone told someone and they found out. Then they get all upset and get on my case, even after saying "Don't talk to me anymore."

What is the deal?


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  • Like the others have said, when you immediately move on to someone new, it implies you never cared at all. And posting the pictures on the internet for them to see makes me think you do it on purpose specifically to let them know you didn't care at all. To me, it seems like you did care but you're trying to act like you didn't. And trying to hurt them by making them think you didn't.

    • That just seems contradictive if they've spent so much time getting rid of me to all of a sudden find the means to speak to me and tell me their feelings. -Regardless of what I choose to do afterwards.

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    • I don't really see how it matters though, since they don't care about me any longer. That makes them hypocritical, and I don't need to tolerate it.

    • Thanks for BA.

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  • oh my goodness. THEY WANT TO KNOW THAT THEY MEANT SOMETHING TO YOU! I mean, fine, the relationship is over, they broke it off, whatever. but for you to just...get back on the horse so fast only makes them thing 1. you were ready to end it all along 2. that they meant nothing to you 3. that they didn't make a mark on you. I can't speak for alllll the women on this godforsaken planet, but I want to know that I've made a mark on a guy. that I've affected him. gotten into his heart and soul and totally ravaged it. BOOM.

    • I feel I should always have someone who's always willing to go do something if I'm single. I've attracted a number of girls in my past, so we remain friends.

      I've already fought for my relationship all I could at this point. -And they're still arrogant and unable to listen to reason. So what am I gonna do? Move on the best way I know how. How's that wrong?

      Where'd they get this idea that there should be a period of mourning?

    • that's not wrong, you SHOULD move on as you want to, as you see fit. but don't be surprised if they are angered and saddened by this. most women do mourn the death of a relationship. that's how WE typically get over it. and you get over it by finding someone new immediately. I appreciate this idea of mourning because we can't just flush a guy out of systems. we need time to really dissect what went wrong, understand how things should have gone. a post-mortem.

    • this is why I don't understand how men and women are supposed to be together. we're so different and act and see things differently.. seems futile to try :/

  • stop playing games, do what you feel is right, don't let others determine your actions.


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  • They feel that if you're ready to date another girl immediately after a breakup, then you weren't that emotionally invested in them to begin with because you need almost zero recovery time.

    Posting pics about going out THE SAME NIGHT OF THE BREAKUP and taking pics while posting pics...looks like that you're trying to make her jealous.

    To be blunt I'm not sure how much you really ARE invested in any female if you move on so fast.

    • Why must you hound me Don? haha.

      Well, I've had situations when I first started dating where I'd try to get her back, or a similar thing would happen to me. I once mourned a girl for 3 years without dating anyone before she apologized for all the hurt. (Boy was I young and naive) (she didn't tell me why she broke up with me, even when I asked) I wouldn't say anything about her going out with another guy but It made me feel bad, sure.

      But I decided I never want that to happen again.

    • The main lesson I learned from that horrible experience is how to move on. I found my own way, sure. But there's nothing wrong with it. I remain happy even though my heart's been broken. Not a lot of people can say that.

    • being alone that 3 years was not by choice, my general demeanor was just upset all the time and I wanted people to feel sorry for me. No one wanted to be around that. I got better though! lol

  • They just don't want you to be happy. Period.


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