Was I wrong for ignoring her drama over my ex?

my ex and I was together for over 5 years. just last year we broke up and it has always has been a cycle of us getting back together. well last year out of nowhere he started dating this 18 year old. me and my ex boyfriend are both in our late 20's. the girl got kicked out of her mom house, aunt house, and now she had to move in with my ex boyfriend asap. from that time(November) until today, he still has to help her with stuff that her mom should have done. she hate working, and she quit 4 jobs already because she feel like the army weekend check is enough. she complains to him all the time about working but she only sit down all day at her new job (10am until 4:30pm) everyday. he has to pick her up and go get her. they both have the same schedule because she can't drive. I made myself noticeable to her because me and my ex are getting our things together for texas, but he was honest to me. I asked him why he doing it, he said its some things in his life he wanna go through to get more answers and he don't want to ask me for anything. he can't break up with her until she leaves in October, because her family, friends, and everybody else is too much involved in the relationship. I always talked on the phone with him and he made me seem like a object to start an argument. he told her lies about who am i, and she believes every bit of the lie. his family know she is not permanent at all, and she have not met all of his family. on Facebook, he disrespect her. there are no pictures of her at all on his page, she has billions of pictures of them both together, and people quit liking them because they knew the situation. he even she has to pay my ex rent, buy him clothes, pay his bills, have a job or she will get kicked out. I can write my ex as I please, and he refuse to let her touch me. so today out of nowhere, she said she been thinking about whooping me all day long...i been apart of this troubled circle for months now. she can't drive, barely can cook. so he have to go out and eat most of the time. what she do not know is, me and my ex boyfriend is getting ready to move to Texas. my ex boyfriend basically put her on in life and she feel like she on top of the world. was I wrong for ignoring her drama? I am 23 years old and my ex boyfriend is 22, the girlfriend just turned 19. she refer to me as a "little girl" I have my own house, car and everything. on weekends she wrather drink, smoke and party than anything. she only does these things to keep my ex but he said he has gotten hisself in the situation he can't escape easily. she also changed her look. but my ex admitted he still love me, this is the first time we had a female problem. our pictures are still up on Facebook, he refuse to take them down, like she want him to. am I wrong for ignoring all this mess? my ex has 2 jobs, own home, car. she talk about people like she is nicki minaj. am I wrong for ignoring this situation?


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  • Don't worry about it girl. Firt of all the shot you think he's talking about you being your back is not as ba as she's been telling you it is. It seems to me that this girl is just seeking some outside approval for a relationship she knows is not going anywhere.. Putting you down is just one way to go about making herself feel better for having feelings for a guy that is obviously not giving her the attention she needs or wants. To answer your question I say no you are not wrong for ignoring it. He got himself into that mess and he can get himself the f*** out of that mess. The last thing you want to do is baby him. Especially if you are going to be angry about him babying someone else. Like you wrote yourself and him are not even going to be around her for very much longer. If you truly want that girl to leave you guys alone for good make sure you help her pay a bill that she's supposed to be paying.. That way if she wants to start stalking you or him you have a legitimate reason to say " listen you little crack whore, stay the f*** away from myself and my friend, at least until you pay me back or learn to take care of yourself" I can guarantee that she's most likely just sticking around someone who treats her so badly anyway because he's helping her and she most likely won't pay you back but than again she should have no reason to contact you guys. Also it sounds great to authority figures if ever they need be involved in the situation.

    • She stay with him and pay his bills and stuff...but I have my own house and etc...

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    • Lol nawl he actually cut his hours at both jobs and she work more and he save while she spend.

    • It's not your drama. You'd do better for yourself I'f you stayed out of it. If something happens in the future between you two than perhaps you might have a reason to be concerned.

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