How come most people breakup right before school start back?

i am seeing most breakups before school even start back. guys that is not even in college are breaking up with their girlfriends, but the girlfriends are not in college. I hear several say their preference of a girl not in college or continuing their education is getting boring because they lag around the guy pretending to take a break and depend on the guy all the time. so why do most breakup with their girlfriend before school?


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  • Hmm well I'm a little confused what you mean by your second sentence...? You mean you think guys (who don't attend college) are breaking up with girlfriends (who don't attend college either) simply because their girlfriends don't go to college, and these guys find uneducated girls parasitic in some way?

    It could be, but I think most people break up in the summer right before school starts, because it's a natural reevaluation point. Winter around Christmas time, New Years, and Valentines' Day are other popular breakup/get together times, because they are holidays that draw attention to the state of your life at the moment and push you to think a little about where it could go in the next few months. People reevaluate their summer romances at the end of summer when they look at their relationship and decide that they've had enough or don't want to undergo a change when the year transitions out of vacation season and into the grind of going to work/school all the time.

    • ya I know this guy who is about to end his relationship with this girl he been dating since November. she stay with him but nothing has changed. its basically a standstill but he choose to be single for a while after this deadbeat. she not in college or planning to do anything besides smoking drinking and partying

    • Yeah in that case, I'd say that's more of a personality thing that just happens to coincide with a typical break-up point of the year. It sounds like he made an excellent decision if she has nothing to offer besides that.

    • she work but she has to be on the same work schedule he on because she do not drive. she quit 3 or 4 jobs already, but she isn't putting the money to good use such as get her own place, car, and etc

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  • because they want to have fun in college and not be tied down.

  • To decrease the stress with studies.


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