Why do guys go back to their ex girlfriends? easy hookup or still have feelings?

My exboyfriend had a girlfriend that he claims he was over and could care less about. she tried to keep breaking us up, but he would always stand up for me and cuss her out. he called her a pregnant whore and talked **** about her because she was trying to break us up. Now, she is flirting with him after I broke up with him on his Facebook wall, and he flirts back! I thought he didn't care about her? they were only together for a month and we were together for 8 months?


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  • There could be a lot of reasons. He liked her once. He had the self-control to put all that aside for your sake when you were together. It's not too surprising that he returned to her after you two broke up since she seemed to want him so much. Don't underestimate the appeal of someone wanting you that much. This doesn't belittle what you had while you were together.

    • So do you think he liked her all along? Or just started talkig to her because she was the only girl showing him attention and he since he had liked her once before, just decided to because he didn't have anyone else?

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    • I just want someone else's opinion so I can maybe get another point of view of which one it is. She tried breaking us up and he talked so much crap when she did that. Why would he go back to her? To get me mad?

    • I doubt that her motives are especially pure. As for him, it could be that he wants to irritate you with this flirting. It seems unlikely he will get back together for her for that reason. If he's doing it for his own sake or to bug you, the response is basically the same: just ignore it. I don't think it's worth letting this pull you down.

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  • exactly how I ended it with my ex. He's always been in touch with his ex behind my back til I had it.


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