I feel like I have no chance. Should I just give up? :(

So I've had a crush on this guy at work for a while now and I was almost positive he didn't have a girlfriend so I continued to like him. We seemed to be getting along so far and we've also been talking a little more than usual these days.

So today I told one of my friends at work that I have a crush on him and she told me that her and my crush have been talking and she said that he's totally fresh out of a relationship of 4 YEARS for about 4 months now. :| and what's even worse is that they're just on "break". My friend told me she'd tell me any details she finds out about him when she finds out and coincidently he walked in a few minutes later and my friend started asking about his "ex" girlfriend and he said he's not really looking for a relationship at the moment and that him and his girlfriend are just too busy in their lives for each other Because his "ex" works 2 jobs and goes to school and he works and goes to school. He also said his "ex"'s parents really like him and blablablablabla. So technically I was right that he's currently single...

I just feel like I have no chance at all because I think this was his first girlfriend and they've been together for a really long time and his heart has definitely been touched by her. :( I don't even have his number yet, which I have been planning to ask him for a while now but now I feel like I shouldn't Because I'd just be wasting my time. I'm sad :(


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  • yeah its always better to care less than the other person


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