It hurts when you miss your boyfriend who won't talk to you anymore what do you do to get him to talk to you?

I miss my ex I Haven't talk to him in almost 4wks. I wanna call but everyone says not to. The nights are the worst. I miss him so much. Is there anyway to get him to talk to me?


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  • Write him a letter. With paper. And pen. Address it, put a stamp on it and mail it. Real mail has an impact that digital messages lack.

    Think about your motives here, why would you want to talk to someone who doesn't want to talk to you?

    Good luck sweetie, sounds like you got your heart broke.

    • I did get my heart broke it was so sudden. Well thank you for answering

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    • With all the stalking tools on the internet, many of which can be used for free, you should be able to come up with one. Lacking that write the letter anyway and put it away in a box to read 20 years from now. The act of putting your thoughts to paper will help you work through this, learn about your self and start healing. Everything you face down is something you grow from. This may be the one that always got away or possibly bullet dodged, looking back you may have fewer regrets! GL! :)

    • You the comment about stalking is lame and putting a letter away for 20 years that's just too condescending. I swear unless people actually have a decent comment don't comment at all so lame!

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