Ex boyfriend after a year?

My ex and I broke up in October, but we still just talk. Anyways, last night he called me for the first time since we split up and he knows I still have feelings for him.

The reason we broke up was because I was beginning to have the feeling he was cheating. And kinda lost my trust in him but I still miss him so bad and I told him.

People say don't get back together with an ex, their an ex for a reason.

But my mind is telling to forget him and my heart just wanted him back.

Any advice?


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  • You broke up with him so I think that if you're having these feelings bother you, you two need to talk. I think you made a mistake in breaking up with him because you have no proof that he was cheating. If he still has feelings for you and you want him back that bad, then apologize to him and get back together.


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  • Ditto with clashcity. I don't like the saying 'their an ex for a reason'. It's a quitters attitude. If you still feel for him after a year, still think of him each day and you think you can forgive him, then go for it. Some might say - what about pride? Pride is good, stay proud but you have risk love and risk getting hurt all over, if you don't, then enjoy being alone with your pride and watch him with someone else and you sing songs about the one that got away. FYI - work on communication. It's a biggy! Good luck!


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