Is it crazy to get back together with a guy who wanted a "break?"

This guy I was seeing asked for a break... he said he thought I was nice, but that he had things to figure out and he didn't want to lead me on further.

Is a break really a break up? I kind of believe it is.

He wants to try to go out again. What do I say or do? Maybe he really didn't have it together the first time? We weren't serious, so I wasn't super distraught when it ended. I was bummed because it was going in a good direction... but I wasn't in love or anything. We never even had sex. Now that he's expressing interest again, what do I do?

I know there are other guys in the world, but we agreed on so much. He's the kind of guy you can stay up all night talking to. He's kind of a bad kisser though... but so fun to hang out with! Idk, should I give him another shot?


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  • When a guy asks for a break, he usually means it. Just a break.

    When a girl asks for a break, it's because she wants to break up but is too cowardly.

    All girls know this, which is why they are always suspicious when a guy asks for a break.

    • Ah, interesting. I guess I'll just take it suupperr slow. Don't you think it's rare to find people you can stay up all night talking to? Maybe he finds that all the time, but I sure don't.

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    • Someone who gets me so I can just be myself.

    • oh okay, that makes sense.

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  • So you two weren't dating exclusively or had sex? then no I wouldn't see it as breaking up. Sounds like you left quite an impression on him if he's coming back.

    • No, we weren't exclusive nor did we have sex. We dated for a little over a month. I think he wanted to date other people... makes me feel like a 2nd choice... so if anything we're going to take it SO much slower than the first time. We got along really well, I think that's why he remembers me. We could stay up all night talking, really or doing whatever. We're both silly, but can be serious. Idk, maybe he hasn't found that elsewhere. I kinda worry he'll just drop me and find someone better

  • Stupid move if you get back with him. Do it if you want though, that way you can learn from your mistakes.

    • I think it might be one of those mistakes I have to make... I guess you live and you learn, right? We were only together for a little over a month... never serious, never had sex. We stayed up all night talking and just had a blast. He said he had issues to work out... so I said I'd get back to him in several weeks. Maybe he worked things out with himself.

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    • hahaha yeah. I think everything will work out

    • Yeah :)

      Anyway, I don't wanna beg, but can you pick me as Best Answer lol? :P

  • no

    • so a break doesn't always mean a break up?

    • no it means he want to take a short break from being together

    • I mean, we weren't serious... He said he didn't think we had enough in common which is crazy... since we could stay up all night talking.

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  • I say give it another shot. You never slept with him and you two seemed to have a lot in common. I say it's fine to try again.

    He obviously felt something for you or else he wouldn't be trying to get back with you.

    Just take things slow, talk to him about your concerns and see how it goes. The worst that could happen is that he finds out he doesn't want to be with you and you both go your separate ways. Like you said, there are other guys out there!

    • Yanno how there are mistakes that we sometimes just have to take... this might be one. The suffering that may occur might be worth it..? Yikes. I am nervous though. You're right though, we were never serious... We had a ton in common. Isn't it rare to find someone you can stay up all night talking to? I think he's a little shy too and maybe that's why sometimes it felt a bit awkward. I had a blast with him though. We took it slow before... and now we'll have to take it slower ha

    • I find as I get older it gets harder to meet people who are actually genuine and good. So I tend to hold onto those who I get along with. The best thing you can do is spend time with each other and see where it goes. If nothing comes of it, well at least you tried. You won't look back now and think what if.

    • Good point. I do hate wondering.

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