Why do I always get dumped when things start to get more serious?

I'm not a girl who puts out at all. I'm probably more conservative than most... but for some reason, right when you're supposed to start having that "are boyfriend/girlfriend" talk, I get dumped!

What is up with that? I'm pretty carefree and laid back... but I always seem to get left by guys when it comes to being serious.

Things will be awesome, great, we can talk, joke, cuddle, laugh... and then suddenly they'll just change their minds! They go from being in love to... "we don't have that much in common" or "I'm really busy" or "I have some issues I need to work out." What is that? Is there something about me?


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  • it might just be as simple as you haven't found the right guy for you yet or else most the guys are idiots and don't know what's good for them

    • Yeah, the last guy sure didn't know what he wanted haha

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