Why Is My Exes This Way With Me?

So first of all I wanted to say, that I don't get why I put up with my exes and then haft to deal with one at work some. But anyways point is my 2nd ex and I started off good at 1st IN THE relationship, then he started to get a little Possessive AND I CHEATED and we always end up auguring about really nothing just fussing back in froth. The only thing that seem to stop the augments if we didn't hear from each other for a while that was 2011 when we got together. Then 2013 comes I met this really cute Latino at work, and him and I never really talk just a few hi and byes then and there. Until one day I wanna say Thursdays or Friday I diced to stay at work because I wasn't really ready to go home. I know people think of it like when work is over why would you wanna stick around and plus you should leave don't hang around. But I waited I walk off the 1st time so no one would notice then came back hours later when people was leave and kind hide myself but anyways him and I was at work until 9 ish going on to 10p.m something. And we talk and walk around and then when people was leaving the building and made out and then after we went to the park and made out some more just because we thought it was safe and OK and plus the building was get lock up like closing the doors and all and almost end up having sex that night this was like 3 -4 months ago. So a few weeks down the road we ended getting together. And also at 1st things seem to be good and wonderful. And reasons why we both up was because h e was not begin there for me like a boyfriend and I thought he may have been cheating and lies and just agreement. My last boyfriend and I dated 3 different times but none work, the last time we almost made it to 3 months . But he was just not ready to be with me or what ever. But anyways thank God that it is over with both. But now and days- My ex the 2nd one I still communication with and friends with he is just something else. It's like when some one else haves me he wants to keep calling me back to back and just bugging the hell out of me. And then when I'm not with any-one I don't hear from him as much and he less calls me. And the 3rd one I see him at work, and right now were not talking or I'm not talking to him because when I found out the truth about why he wanted to end are realising it was lies, and I believe he did cheat on me, but like 2-3 weeks ago when we last met up he was begin rude to me and show me how he really is. SO I'm still hurt, mad by his words and how he was acting. But when I see him at work he comes up to me telling me what I already know what to do, or he either looks at me odd or weird. Or if I'm talking to another co-worker that we both know he looks at them and then looks back at me and then say something so stupid and wanna be a show off, or either comes close to me or tries to get next to me. But question is I know you guys don't know any of my exes and all, but can you atlases tell me why do they do this please thanks.


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  • You keep picking the wrong dudes. That's why it seems like a routine.

    • Yeah you right about that, I do.

    • Try to pick a guy you normally wouldn't think twice about, and notice the difference

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