What could be some of the reasons why a guy would invite his ex to his birthday party?

I'm talking to this guy right now who is turning 18. We haven't met yet and planning to meet on his birthday party (plenty of my friends are invited). So I heard they ended their relationship on good terms. However, she deleted him on Facebook few weeks later and told him that she might "have found a guy who actually cares for her." Ironically, the guy I'm talking to tried helping her cope with her depression, etc etc when they were dating. He got really mad and deleted her number but calmed down soon enough. He's having a birthday party soon, and his ex is friends with him again on Facebook and was invited. I heard from my best friend that the girl was a bad girlfriend and the guy deserved better. Um, a red flag?


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  • Not necessarily a bad sign- it sounds like they had a deep connection at some point, and even if they didn't work as a couple they could have made up and are friends now. Don't read too much into her coming to his party- it could be a big birthday bash that a bunch of people are going to.


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