Ex-Gf Calls me all the time, flirts, but says we're just friends, WTF?

So my ex and I have been done for about a year. We talked numerous times throughout the day, we've had steady sex until I decided it no longer was for me at the start of June. She still continues to call 2-5 times per day. She wants to be close to me, grabs my hand just about every time we hang out, hugs me for super long, tells me how much I mean to her and that I'm the only person to ever believe in her. However, she doesn't want a relationship and every time I start going out with a new girl she gets extra clingy. I love her a lot she knows this but she can't/won't have a relationship right now. I don't want to give up on her because we are really incredible together and she means so much to me. Much of my adult life from 19-28 has been spent building my company and she's the first girl that I can actually put that aside and smell the roses and basque in my success. She's the only girl I've ever been with that I can actually see a long term. Please give me some pointers I want to give this my all and if it isn't good enough than at least I can live my life without regret or what if's. Thanks in advance.


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  • The only thing you can do is talk to her, and it sounds like from your comments below that you already have. She said she doesn't see you together long-term, that you two aren't meant to be.

    I'm sorry that she feels that way. Unfortunately your love isn't being reciprocated and she is done.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop contacting her. Maybe if you stop contacting her and distance yourself she will start to see how much she misses you. I agree with how you would be confused in this situation. I think anyone who is displaying that type of behavior would make it seem as though they also like you.

    It's not fair what she is doing, as she makes it seem as though she likes you too when she doesn't apparently. So stop talking to her, stop seeing her.

    IMO it's quite obsessive of her to call you 2-5 times a day when she has no interest in you relationship wise. Plus being super clinging and also affectionate in ways too.

    Put yourself first, try to do things for yourself and don't worry about her as much. If she truly doesn't have any feelings for you, she will go away. If she finds she still does like you, then she will come back.

    This is IMO the best thing you can do. Either way you can then gauge her feelings for you.


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  • she sprobably just used to acting like that around you or she's still into you

    • How she acts at times is like she's testing the waters with us being together. This weekend she's going away with my family and friends to my vacation home. She's only staying the weekend though because she has classes during the week. I just want some pointers on what to do to get her back and so forth.

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    • Well, I told her how I felt. She told me she feels in her heart that we aren't meant to be. I told her I loved her and wished her the best. I'm going to go NC for a few days.

    • at least you can be with her!

  • she wants to keep you on the back burner maybe.


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