Your ex and current girlfriend hanging out? Would it be weird?

I have a guy who I've known since 9th grade, we are now 22. For a while we were "more than friends" but we were never technically in a relationship. Our group of friends introduced a new girl into the group and we all hung out. After he and I decided it wasn't gonna work, me and the group kinda stopped speaking for a few months. Now he's dating that same new girl, which I have no problem with, she's completely his type and we're back on speaking terms. Though I wouldn't say we're 'friends' again yet.

My question is, if you were in his shoes (change genders around if you're a female and would like to give some input), would the fact that she and I are hanging out together now (without him) bother you? Would it make you uncomfortable?

I was told by mutual friends that he didn't really want us to call it quits but went along with it to salvage our friendship since it's not what I wanted anymore. But I really like her and want to continue being friends with her, but I feel like maybe I'm making him uncomfortable by getting closer to her?

Any thoughts or opinions are helpful :-)
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Also, I should probably mention that he invites me to do things with them (the group) or if he doesn't he makes her call to invite me. This question isn't about should I be friends with HIM because we're always going to be friends regardless. This is about should I stop hanging out with HER.
But I get the picture. Everyone so far says I shouldn't hang out with her.


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  • Somewhat, yes, but if they're really good friends, then I would refuse to break up their frinedship just for our relationship. If my ex and I weren't on great terms, I would just ask that she keep our relationship out of their conversations and to not hang out with her while she's with me. If my ex and I are on good terms, then I'd have no issue.

    • Yeah we're definitely on good terms, and he doesn't give me the impression that he's still interested in any way. That's only what other people have told me. He invites me places with them and all, but I wasn't sure if it was normal for me to hang with her alone.. Thanks for your input :-)

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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, it's creepy. You don't need to be friends with her, it just makes you look like a stalker.

    • Lol I get your stance on the situation but are you sure "stalker" is the right word?

      How exactly is hanging out with her stalking?

    • Ok replace stalker with creepy hanging around ex girlfriend? Nope stick with stalker! :) Here's why you're asking if it would be weird: You already know it is. Women just care a lot more than men about having unresolved relationships. He doesn't really want you around if he's really over you. Do you suspect he is still carrying a torch for you?

    • Ok, you may not have read it all but this is why I'm saying it's not "stalking", I'm not his ex-girlfriend.

      He and I are still friends. He personally texts me or calls when the rest of our friends are doing something to invite me. She calls to invite me to do things. She and I don't talk about him AT ALL when we hang out. I don't get the vibe that he has feelings for me at all, but another mutual guy friend in the group said that he does (no facts). So stalking, no.. But I'll take creepy lol

  • Nope. I'd never tolerate it. She don't like it she can go someplace else.

    • Which she are you talking about? The old friend or the new girlfriend?

    • Wait nevermind. Read your second update, I don't have an opinion in your situation if it's her. I'd be completely indifferent.

What Girls Said 4

  • Uncomfortable

  • It wouldn't be comfortable for me at all either.

    • Thanks for your answer! I'm unclear though, are you giving your opinion from my position or if you were the guy with the new gf?

    • Welcome and yours of course.

    • Oh OK, well I'm not uncomfortable at all I don't mind lol

      I think if I still had an interest in him then maybe I'd be uncomfortable though

  • Weird as f***! Wow lol!

  • umm yes very awkward, I would just avoid both of them.


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