Who gets hurt more on cheating, guy or a girl?

being a guy I think a guy gets hurt more if his girl friend or wife cheats on him. I think girls are stronger than guys on that. she could cry but she won't get shaken. she won' t get depressed. but if a girl cheats a guy he won't cry but he will get depressed, get shaken and won't get over it or will take a long time for that. It will also be a matter of his prestige in society and it will devastate his ego also. He will be of nowhere. his friends will laugh at him, make jokes and nasty comments.




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  • I agree with you. I am not a guy, but have several times heard that guys have harder times recovering after a break up than girls. So I guess guys. . Girls can cry for hours and nights, but some how we get over it and move on with our lives, but guys can't express themselves as much as girls can so they have harder time with coming over it. The first days they can joke about it and go out with his boys but behind that is a mask. He is angry and hurt. And guys don't really have the emotional friends that he can talk to about it. That is some reason girls get over it faster (because of our girlfriends: after a break up we always do girlie stuff together that will make us forget about our ex), and we girls always get hit on by other guys, something that also makes us forget about our past. . So guys win this one :)

    • yes you explained it better with reasons. you seem to understand guys better. you know guys get ruined and devastated to know that he is been betrayed by his wife. He is like completely shaken, his manhood will come down to zero, his prestige, male ego shattered, he is like a living dead. And most of the women don't understand this. That man will be teased, made fun of, talked behind his back by his own friends. they will talk about his d*** size, his inability to satisfy his wife sexually,

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    • @toulouse... then you obviously have no clue how male friends behave... because any kind of compassion or sorrow that is displayed from a male to another male in his time of need is viewed as homosexual... Men can't even comfort each other when in pain for fear of being labeled gay...

      and if you have no idea how that works, then don't assume "those are not friends."

    • Indeed! Guys don't have outreach groups for this kind of stuff like women do, and would not say anything about this kind of stuff out of fear that they will be viewed as weak.

      Toulouse, guy friends act differently than gal friends. If a guy even talks about that stuff to a female friend as well, she might view him as weak, like his guy friends would. Seriously, we don't have much of an outreach for this kind of thing.

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  • I believe a guy. I feel as though a woman would be emotionally hurt but I feel a guy would take it more personal. Men tend to take more time and effort to open up to a woman and a relationship and it would be a real blow to his manhood to realize that there is a guy out there that his significant other finds more appealing.

    • +1 upvote. It definitely is a slap to our manhood and sometimes, it gets bad enough that some of us will take out own lives, thinking we have nothing to live for in the world. It builds up for us long-term (as it says in my answer)

    • yes one important point Is that men put lot of effort and time to open up or start a relationship.

  • God damn I hate f***ing whiney brats like you who ask questions expecting a black or white answer and can't accept reality. You are OBVIOUSLY being bias and your emotional response of the answers shows it. Face reality. Men AND women get hurt if they get cheated on. Who gets hurt more? It depends on circumstances like lifestyle, personality, and whether or not they expected it, sh*t like that.

    • wow I love a beautiful Asian girl with beautiful lips and smile who Is very short tempered. Looks very damn sexy.

  • Update: why are you obsessed in knowing which gender cheats more/ hurts more? Gender isn't a contest. It's liely very equal

    Looking ip statistics it says men cheat slightly more than women. But there are tons of cheaters out there. Doesn't matter if they're male or female it's pathetic either way.

    • yes I m very obsessed about it.. I want to know what do you girls feel about girls who cheat? I see mostly it's the girls who cheat. I want to know the reasons that makes a girl to cheat on her boyfriend or husband?

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    • @QA I share the same sentiments when it comes to affairs of the heart but no pain no gain

    • kangaroo OK recently I have taken a risk. There is a beautiful girl and she accepted my proposal and I have prepared myself for any consequences later on.

  • ohhh this question,...


    uhm I personally think a girl gets hurt more, not because I am one but in general the guy seems to cope much better and the girl is left scarred for quite awhile. I'm sure guys get hurt a lot too if its done to them but I don't think they get that feeling like their world has fallen apart kinda thing... their better with moving on, buh hey thas jus me=]

    • They do feel their world has fallen apart, and that there is no reason to live, no one to live with/for. a girl can get lot of sympathies from both men and women, she will cry out load so everyone will hear her pain and will console her. guys will start checking on her, so it will be easy for her to move on or come over. But a man cannot do that. he is left alone ashamed and distressed. he feels devastated.his friends will start to tease him,talk about hispenis size,incapabilityto satisfyher.etc

    • i understand where your coming from. like I said both can b very hurt from something like this, but yeh that was my opinion ^^

  • why would it be easier for a woman to be cheated on? you don't think she will feel crappy about her body? of course she does! you don't think some people will talk behind her back or make fun of her? of course some people will! cheating sucks for both men and women - whoever you are the one being cheated on suffers!

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  • When a girl is involved in a break up, they usually go to their friends and cry about it, and do other things to distract them from the breakup. They can usually get over it faster...

    Guys, on the other hand, tend to hold all their emotional pain and suffering after a breakup inside of them. We don't usually have an outlet to talk about it, because we would look weak and pathetic if we did. It just builds up, like pressure inside of a pop bottle when you shake the bottle up over a long time. Eventually, it will get so bad that something serious might happen.

    Men have been known to commit suicide after breaking up with a girl (the cause is the breakup). If guys lose something or somebody who was so important to them that they don't think they could live without that factor in their lives, eventually it'll get to the point where a man will kill himself. He believes he has nothing to live for, and wants to end all the emotional suffering.

    Oh, and girls, men are more likely to actually go through with the act of suicide than women, and SUCCEED. We usually don't have an outlet to get rid of all that pain and we carry it with us. So in long-term, men suffer and hurt a lot more than women in a break up, or if their girlfriend/wife cheats on them.

    I'm expecting all the girls to downvote this, believing I'm biased towards guys because I'm a guy...

    • sorry I disagreed by mistake but I fully agree with u

    • You're absolutely right about this...

      They say "Oh, well women are four times more likely to attempt suicide..." Oh yeah? What about the fact that men are four times more like to DIE from their suicide attempt?... Talk about f***ing with the statistics!

      and yes - Women have all kind of emotional support groups (mothers, sisters, girlfriends, etc.)... a man is left to fend for himself... who can he confide in? Who's gonna tell him "It's not your fault"?

    • @ QA: that's all cool. I'm glad you agree with me :)

      @ MikeK: Indeed! Men are more likely to carry through with it than women; that's the part people miss most of the time. What is important is the number of people who actually go through with it, not the number of people who attempt it!

  • Men suffer more...

    Just look at Hilary Clinton, Anthony Wiener's wife, Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife, and countless other women... their husband's cheating just rolls right off of their backs ;)

    • tiger woods wife also

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    • Because they hide their pain when they are in public it means they are not torn up inside?

    • Well if that's the case, then these women make incredible liars! :P

  • Ok this thread is turning ugly. I think both sides are totally hurt. There is no difference. I'm a believer in karma. I hope the cheater suffers the same hurt they caused. Everyone is guilty of it.

  • @ Update Someone once said guys cheat for the thrill, but women cheat because they can and have a reason too. But to answer your question I think its 50.50.

  • It depends on who you're asking, some will be hurt more than others, but in the end, it doesn't help anyone in the long run.

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