Can't seem to get in a relationship and I think my ex husband and his family's "black magic" is the reason why

I think my ex husband and his mom did some kind of black magic on me...

Ever since I broke up with my ex husband, I haven't fond love

I have met nearly 20 guys but none of them seem to work out they

End before they even start...

Before my ex husband and I got together, I was able to get along

With guys and date them, but now Oh MY GOODNESS something

Is not right!

Im extremely hot (been told) guys really like me... but it never go

Farther than a 3rd date.. wtf is the problem here


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  • Now you see through lies guys tell you, and because of your experience with your ex, you more quickly spot character flaws in guys in 'date' situations, where they are trying to show their best side, and often trying to hide those character flaws from you. Before you were married, you didn't have the ability to see through those disguises, right?

    • Before I got married I use to date guys so easily, and I was wayy more

      Out going than I am now, I use to know how to trust, but now

      I don't even know what trust is... its holding me back from

      Being witj someone

    • That don't have blind trust any longer. that's why it's much harder to have a 'boyfriend.' You have more qualifications for a prospective beau nowadays!

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  • The problem could be that men don't like dating idiots.

    And anyone who thinks magic is real, is clearly an idiot of the highest order.


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  • are they into witchcraft or some sh** like that? because you didn't give details as to that. Anyway--- it would be total crap. Pray to your angels ( no , really). Ask the white light of God to surround you and protect you always.. PLEASE whatever you do-- DO NOT go to some stupid gypsy to get a phony "spell" removal done, to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are tons of horrid stories on the web about stuff like that and it is absolute BS. Good luck to you--- I bet your just giving off energy that says your not ready and probably still carrying a lot of emotional baggage.


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