Guys what caused you to break-up with your girlfriend?

Did you love her at some point in the relationship and was it circumstantial or was the cause something that built up over time?


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    1. she broke up with me. Because I refused to have sex (religious reasons at the time) or move in with her, because I was at a "dead end job" then got mad when I moved on. first girlfriend from high school. Pretty sure she cheated on me, no real proof.

    2. Rebound relationship, I was used, and didn't get sex out of it. boo hoo

    My values changed after this. I started having sex before marriage (gasp!)

    3. I left her when she cheated on me.

    4. I left her when she cheated on me.

    5. I left her when I caught her cheating on me the second time.

    6. I left her when I caught her cheating on me the second time.

    7. We were living together, I kicked her out told her to finish school. she broke up with me. got back together. moved in together. told her to finish school. cheated on me. broke up with her. got back together, she left me. "not happy anymore" duh.

    8. Long distance relationship, ended because she pulled a disappearing act and didn't talk to me for 3 months. I ended it.

    Yes I was in love, and sometimes still in love after being hurt. (obviously see 5,6,7) circumstantial? not to me. Not even the communications thing. We lived so far away met in person once, then she just disappeared claimed she was depressed, which is true. But how am I supposed to feel about a girlfriend I don't even talk to after three or four months? it was longdistance communication was about all we had. So this was a result of time, the others obvious reactions to believing you're in a commited relationship and finding out otherwise.


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