Is it normal to feel annoyed by guys who like me?

My boyfriend doesn't treat me good,i would be obliged to cheat or simply move on but I love this guy but its quiet clear I have to move on.There is nothing wrong with the other guys but there is just no spark.Am tired of being hurt by my boyfriend,should I just try dating one of these guys?.


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What Guys Said 1

  • it sounds like you just need to move on. It seems hard to say that you are annoyed by guys who like you when it seems that you are just really annoyed by the guy you are with (based on your description).

    I mean do you feel annoyed by guys other than your boyfriend who like you? Do you possibly feel annoyed by those other guys because you aren't with them or have an opportunity to be with them?

    Nonetheless if you are being treated poorly and considering cheating then it does seem clear that the relationship has run its course.


What Girls Said 1

  • First of all, break up with your boyfriend if he's not treating you well and you guys haven't been able to work it out.

    As for feeling no spark with other men - I have a feeling that this stems from your present unhappiness because of your current dating situation. Once you get away from him, you should start feeling better about yourself, about men, and about life in general. Then, and only then, will you be ready to date again, and you'll eventually want to. Don't date just to date, date men you're genuinely interested in. Avoid finding a rebound, that's never a healthy arrangement.

    I wish you the best!

    • Thank you so much.Dating just for the sake of dating is never a healthy arrangement.I agree.

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