What should I do??! `

Alright like I really don't know what to do at all and could really use some advice... So basically I met this girl back In high school. I really like her and still do but during this time we have met she has been nothing but a b**** to me and I did nothing to her for her to act that way okay. So I guess she had this boyfriend for 3 years now and she said they fought broke up a few time's etc. I told her that this guy used her and she won't let him go when she tries to hard but ends up trying to talk to him and he ignores her or tells her to move on. I still like this girl and, Like I said I did nothing to her and she told me she has no one to talk to about this and it hurts me for her to talk about that because she knows I still like her and she never gave me a chance and she feels like what is happening between her and her ex is because of what she did to me. Like what should I do? She is so stressed out about it she told me she got a stomach ulcer and, that ain't cool at all I want to be there for her.


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  • you need to ditch her and move on to someone who cares about you.


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  • DUDE I almost got a stomach ulcer just reading about this.

    Kick this girl to the curb, she's using you worse than her ex used her.

    If she knows that you're romantically interested in her, and then proceeds to cry on your shoulder and pretend you're her platonic teddy bear, she's f*cking evil. You don't need that in your life.

    You're out of high school now. Your potential pool of mates has widened, my friend. Take advantage of this.


    • man your name is no bs for a reason huh.

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