What does he want from me?

My boyfriend broke up with me because we live 2 hrs apart and the distance was starting to get harder for him. He cried and told me he loves me so much and I'm the best girlfriend he's ever had and probably ever will have and that he wants to remain good friends. He also said that in the future if things work out we could hopefully get back together. Since then, He continues to text/call me everyday. He sometimes even calls me babe like he used to when we were together. He also always apologizes for breaking up with me and it confuses me. What does he want from me?


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  • Sounds like he's having trouble abiding with his own decision to break up. It also sounds like maybe he wants to keep a relationship with you but also be free to get with other women. I'd proceed with caution if he shows signs of wanting to hang out and hook up.


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