Should I contact him and tell him I'm happy for him?

We have been broken up for 4 months and I broke up with him. We were together for three years and I'm sure if we would have been together he would've never met her. So it's as things happen for a reason. We tried to get our relationship back and a month ago he came back. Everything felt different and he stopped contacting me. During this time he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship but once he was done with his probation time at work we would get back together. He led me on while he was talking to his now new girlfriend. It does hurt me that he lied to me but I don't hate him for it. I feel relief because I think this was coming to an end. Last time we talked I asked him why he came back he said he was confused and that he loved me as a friend. I tried to plea with him but inside I kept on saying to myself maybe I don't want him back. I thought I still had feelings for him but it's more as I miss him as a friend. I got attached to being able to tell him everything and he was so understanding. I have never had a connection like that with any other boyfriends but I did break up with him. We wanted different things. I just wanted to call him up and tell him that I was happy for him and that I wasn't upset that he got with someone else. Before he got with her one month ago we tried to revive our relationship but it didn't feel the same. I want him to know that no matter what I would still be there if he ever needed to talk. I wanted to ask him if we could hang out but I will respect him and not try anything because I'm not like that as well.


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  • I wouldn't say anything. Just let him go, you don't want to interefere with his new relationship. Even if you are well intentioned, she may view you as a threat and if you cause problems with her for him, he will only resent you. Just be at peace with yourself in knowing that you are happy for him, that is enough.


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  • focus on yourself. you broke up with him. let it go.


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  • Don't say anything. Leave him alone, let him be happy. If you see them together in person, you can wish them luck or whatever, but don't text him. Stay out of it.

    • I called and text him. He didn't respond. I just want him to know I'm not upset with him.

    • The best way to let him know is to NOT TEXT OR CALL. Let him be, let him go. You've made a mistake, bud.

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