Contact ex on his birthday?

Today's my ex's birthday. He contacted me a few weeks ago out of the blue, 2 1/2 years after break-up. We hadn't spoken since the break-up, so it was quite unexpected. We texted quite a bit that day and a bit the next day, but it got a bit awkward as he was playing it cool and I was wondering what he was up to.

I broke up with him. It was an OK breakup. Nothing other than not being sure if we were the right match for each other. I know we both cared a lot for one another.

Wondering if I should give him a call and wish him a Happy Birthday. I truly would like to talk to him and see what he's up to. I would like to be friends. I moved away and am now out of state, so I truly don't think anything else could come from it other than a friendship.

Wondering why someone would contact an ex that broke up with them, after so long? Would it be OK to contact him today?

Thanks guys!


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  • If you want to talk to him then talk to him! Catch up on what you've missed for the past 2 1/2 years. Also it won't hurt to ask him why he's now contacting you.

    • We haven't spoken since he initiated texting a few weeks ago. Not sure if I should ask again why he contacted me?

    • Well you could start with a simple happy birthday message and work up from there. Ask him what he's been up to and if he gives vague answers or stops texting you again, you could:

      1. Be forward and let him know that you do want to be friends again and talk more (if he feels the same he will open up)

      2. Ignore him back (delete his number if you want). You might feel sad about not talking to him but letting him confuse you like this will make you feel worse than cutting off contact yourself.

  • I would wish him happy birthday :)


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