Why hasn't he called, is he waiting for me to call?

I broke up with him about 5 weeks ago. After about 2 weeks of no contact he started talking to me last week. It was so nice, like when we first met. We spoke twice and sent a few txts. A few times he suggested we should catch up and asked when I'd be in the city next. Last we spoke, he said we'd talk soon. He knew when I was coming back, that was three days ago. He hasn't called since.

Is he wanting me to call him to organise? He's initiated contact 4/5 times...but if I contact him, I feel like I'm letting myself down. I want an apology! On the other hand, he's stubborn...what if he's wanting me to reach out. He could never plan anything, even when we where first getting together,he would suggest then I would organise...

What do I do! (And yes, if could apologize for his temper towards me, I would love to take him back)


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  • YOU broke up with him..and you want an apology? If he's on here...I likely told him NEVER to go back to a chick who brakes up. You do nothing. Calling isn't going to change anything.

    If he's a moron, he'll call you in a weeks time.


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  • eave this mess alone, its exhausted its existence


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