I'm feeling worthless since my girlfriend dumped me, I just wish there was some way I could win her back

Well my ex and I have been broken up for a month or so and I just can't get over the fact we will never be together again. I couldn't have treated her better, her friends used to say how much of a good boyfriend I was to her. But a couple of days before our (one year) anniversary date she said that the relationship was too serious and she wanted to break up.. Since then I have never felt so down in myself and I have had feelings of hopelessness.. What tears me apart is the fact that I had been waiting(without seeing her) for more than 2 months before our anniversary because she had important coursework to complete (which I was more than willng to do because I love her), so anyway it turned out after completing her coursework she went out one night and went off with another guy, a couple of days before she broke up with me... I have cried a lot over this and still don't know why she would inflict so much pain on me after I have done everything for her and I thought she loved me... Yesterday she texted me for the first time since the break up and I stupidly was getting my hopes up, we were talking about what we were getting up to but then she just stopped texting me :( ... I know I should get over this but its so hard to just forget about someone you would have done anything for and just knowing the good times we had together won't happen again.


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  • That's how it feels when you give your all to someone and get nothing in return.

    On the bright side this is now a chance to reconnect with who you are and discover yourself.

    Build hobbies & interest so the next time around a woman will compliment your life rather than complete.

    Your life, the one you created, will be your devotions and not some human being, because can, may & will always leave.

    Sorry for your loss.

    Please read my article I can assure you that it will help



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  • In the end it all comes down to the psychology of the female. Some women will be bitter and angry for the rest of their lives when their mates choose to stray regardless of the race.

    There are white women who's men leave them for another nationality. There are thousands of White American girls (usually over weight) who get used for green cards by men from EVERYWHERE and they run back home and marry their sweethearts.

    Not for anything, regardless of where you're from or what ethnicity you are, if your mate cheats on you, you should hold the vendetta against the cheater. He/She is the one who betrayed you. Therefore it's not LOGICAL to despise an entire population of people based on the actions of a mate who chose to make another female the object of his desire.

  • find love for life, nature and god, relationships come and go..


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  • Sorry for what happened. You should keep your chin up and chalk it up as a war scar. And I hope you learn from this whole situation. Being a "good boyfriend" because her friends say so is just a bad way to rationalize things. She left you because you're a "nice guy".

  • I guess you have to stop sacrificing everything about yourself for a woman.


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