My boyfriend wants to get rid of our dog?

Ok, my boyfriend and I have been together for two years and have been living together for a little over a year now. A few months after we moved into our apartment, we decided to get a dog. He is the one who picked him out, I agreed with his choice, and we brought him home. However, he's... kind of a brat. He's a good dog, sweet and loving, my best friend. But he's scared of my boyfriend because when he gets mad, our puppy pees. And then he will hit him really hard. I try and protect him but it doesn't do much good - I just get yelled at and pushed. My boyfriend has punched a hole in our bedroom door and two holes in our wall now. He is saying that he wants to get rid of our dog, but I love him so much, I'm very attached. Plus we got him from the pound and I feel it's wrong to send him back. He has stopped claiming our dog, saying he's ONLY my responsibility now because I'm the one that signed the paper for him at the pound. He says that he's done and the only reason he hasn't put him back on the street is because he loves me so much. B I don't know what to do anymore.
By the way, he is properly trained, and very, very loved by me. If you're going to be cruel and not helpful, please refrain from saying anything at all.


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  • You're boyfriend has major anger management issues that are just going to get worse.

    Your boyfriend MAY break up with you, but your dog will love you his entire life.


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  • Keep the dog, lose the boyfriend. You don't need those anger issues in your relationship. They'll only get worse. Trust me.


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