How do I get rid of thunderbird without effecting my web email?

I deleted a few messages from thunderbird and then It deleted from my yahoo webmail. I'm planning on getting rid of thunderbird, I only needed it to mass transfer emails between my accounts. Is there a way that I can delete and uninstall thunderbird without it effecting the mail in my email account?

When I was moving emails from one account to the other I used the move to option not the copy to so the contents of that account are gone. I have all my emails from that account on my new account and their organized the way I want now. Is there a way to unsync thunderbird from my online email so that my online email is OK and I can get rid of thunderbird?


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  • If you uninstall Thunderbird normally through the control panel it won't effect anything. As a mail client it only sends the commands you tell it to send and it doesn't touch your email otherwise.


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