If a guy is afraid, is there any way to get him not to be?

I have a hot and cold guy on my hands. He's been hurt BAD before and seems terrified of getting close to someone. We get along together great, but every time we start to get really close, he freaks and then I don't hear from him for a few days. Then he'll text me again and it starts alllll over. He is a sweet guy and shows genuine feelings/affection for me...but then he just freaks out and pulls back and it does really hurt me. I know he's hurt and confused, but is there any way to help him here? I want to be close to him and I feel like he wants to be close to me, he's just afraid. Normally I'd run from this situation, but he's really a special guy and a great person and we have such a strong connection.


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  • Let him know how you feel. That you'll be there for him even if he pulls away and you're willing to let the relationship progress at a speed he's comfortable with. He'll come around at some point


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  • You need to tell him how you feel. He's scared and trying to protect himself so he doesn't get hurt.

  • is he good looking ?


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